3 Tips For Creating Your First Online Course
3 Tips For Creating Your First Online Course

We live in a virtual world. From work to personal relationships, we rely on the internet to live our lives–and now we rely on the internet for education! 

Chatting with NursePreneur Luann Marlow got me thinking about the value of offering online courses. As the founder of The Dream Baby Cafe Luann has infinite knowledge to share with new mothers about properly caring for newborns. However, like most powerhouse entrepreneurs she’s got a lot on her plate! Finding time to create course material has proved to be a time-consuming challenge. 

Courses and other virtual materials are a great way to share your knowledge and earn an income. Courses are also a tool that you can use to add value to your business–but creating courses is not always an easy task!

If you’re struggling to get started with creating your online course, check out these 3 tips for success when getting your course off the ground: 

  1. Find A Problem –> Create A Solution

The most difficult aspect of developing an online course is finding your topic. Creating course material isn’t just about your passions, you need to offer valuable content. To pick an appropriate topic you must first identify the problem and offer a solution. What are common issues that your clients face? What will your students get out of your course?

Pro Tip: Having trouble finding a course topic? Check out your website analytics to research topics of interest.

  1. Sometimes Less Is More 

You don’t need to create complicated online portals to launch your course, just keep it simple. Some course creators choose to create downloadable files, pre-recorded videos, and/or courses that can be fully accessed via email. If you’re struggling to get your course off the ground, then you might be overthinking it. 

Pro Tip: You can use CRMs to set up automated communications with clients. This cuts down on busy work for you and ensures that your students are consistently receiving course materials. 

  1. Marketing Is Key

Market your course! You can’t just put your course on your website and expect the client to come to you. You need to put in a little legwork and promote your course on multiple platforms to gain traction. 

Pro-Tip: Once you have a few students complete your course, ask for testimonials that you can publish online. After all, word-of-mouth marketing is still one of the most powerful marketing tools! 

For more tips and tricks get in touch with us today! You can also check out my chat with Luann Marlow, here

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