3 Funding Ideas for Your Non-Profit
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As healthcare professionals we have a save the world mentality. Whether that be saving the world at work or in our personal lives, we want to make a difference–and we do! 

One nurse that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, is making a difference from all the way across the globe! Juli McGowan Boit is an NP, author, and the founder of The Living Room International, a non-profit hospice care home in Kenya. While many nurses choose the bedside, there are plenty of other opportunities for nurse entrepreneurs that want to do something a little different. 

From starting your own business to beginning a non-profit, there’s more than one way to make a difference as a nurse! If you’ve chosen the non-profit path, then I’m sure the path hasn’t been easy. 

Funding your nonprofit is perhaps the most challenging aspect of sustaining your organization. Without money, there’s no non-profit, but if you want to help your patients at no-cost you need funding! 

If you’re having trouble funding your non-profit clinic/practice, then check out these three funding ideas to sustain your non-profit organization. 

  1. Donations– While the majority of nonprofits rely on donations to keep their organization afloat, it’s said that over 70% of those donations are from individual donors. Individual donors can be a huge financial force for non-profit organizations, so get out there and talk to people about your vision! When you cross paths with people who care and are invested in what you’re doing, it can make all the difference–one donation at a time! 
  2. Grants– Are you looking for bigger fish to fry? There are plenty of federal, local, and state grant options that your non-profit can benefit from. Doing a little bit of research about the grants that are available to your organization can give you a good idea about which grants you can apply for. From government grants, public charities, private foundations, and more, there’s plenty of money out there that can make a difference to your non-profit.  
  3. Services– Another sustainable form of funding for your non-profit organization is selling goods and services. By starting a small business you can fund your non-profit with a sustainable flow of income. Juli Boit mentioned this briefly on our call. Her organization The Living Room International relies on the sustainable income of a local self-started funeral home to provide enough funding to keep her non-profit afloat. 

Curious about funding for your non-profit? Listen to my chat with Juli Boit to learn more about funding your nonprofit healthcare organization! 

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