10 Profitable Business Ideas for Nurse Entrepreneurs

Even if most RNs have good salaries, taking a side hustle can make perfect sense. Whether you’re just getting started in the nursing profession or you’re a seasoned professional, a second job can be an excellent way to achieve financial stability, help save for retirement, sharpen essential skills, build a better resume, create professional networks, and discover new interests.

But deciding which endeavor to pursue can be a lot more challenging than it initially appears. Lucky for you, we’ve got 10 incredible business ideas for nurse entrepreneurs just like you. 

Profitable Business Ideas for Nurse Entrepreneurs

#1 Nutritionist 

Working as a nutritionist is one of the best business ideas for nurses. Nutrition plays a critical role in the long-term health of patients, and nurses already have extensive knowledge of what we all need to keep our bodies functioning at peak levels.And it just so happens that providing nutrition advice and screenings are two of the most important job functions of nutrition experts. That’s just one reason this is such an ideal business for nurses to start. 

#2 Supplements Business

Nurses recommend dietary supplements to their parents most of the time. Among the most common types of products that can be sold for this retail supplement business include patient care items, cosmetics, health foods, wellness products, and nutritional supplements. The future of this industry is good because nurses keep up with the needs of their patients and customers. The earnings for this type of business are limited by the number of products a nurse can sell. 

#3  Nurse Staffing Agency

If you are passionate about nursing and providing service to the community, starting a nurse staffing agency will prove beneficial. This type of business is flexible since you can start small and manage all aspects of the business on your own. You can start this business from home at a minimal start-up cost ($1,517 to $28, 419). Plus, this type of work is rewarding because you solve immediate health issues for your customers. 

#4 Health and Wellness Coaching Business

Stress levels are on the rise. This only means that the need for trained wellness coaches who can help us all cope with the pressures of daily life are in demand. Since nurses have rich knowledge in helping patients overcome personal and professional challenges in their physical and mental health, this type of business is a good match. Also, embracing this career helps nurses gain experience working in different kinds of business which can boost their overall credibility and skillset.

#5 Healthy Meal Delivery Service Business 

Due to recent world events, more and more people are drawn towards food delivery services and meal delivery subscriptions. Healthier home-cooked meals are more preferred now because of the individual needs of people when it comes to diet restrictions and nutritional needs. What better option is there than a nurses’ TLC in preparing and cooking customized healthy meals, right? Nurses putting up a healthy meal delivery service is a sure hit. They’ll know what every age group or target market needs for optimal health.

#6 Child Care Business

Business ideas for nurses transcend what you might typically imagine. And opening a child care center is just one example of this. Child care is one of the most essential services out there. Making child care accessible and affordable for all families has grown increasingly urgent—and a nurse with your knowledge and skill can help meet the demand. It’s a wonderful opportunity to positively impact the growth and development of children through organized, stimulating games and activities that are backed up with proper medical practices. 

#7 Medical Scrubs Business

Nurses who plan to get into the uniform industry will discover this can be an extremely profitable opportunity. The number of health professionals wearing industrial workwear like medical scrubs is at an all-time high. And that demand isn’t letting up any time soon. Nurses and medical practitioners will always have a need for gowns, shirts, pants, and medical protective equipment. This is why a medical scrubs manufacturing business is promising.

#8 Childbirth Education and Lactation Service

Nurses have expert maternity services. Given their years of experience, they understand what to expect during pregnancy, birth, childhood, and beyond. The classes nurses provide concerning childbirth and lactation are guaranteed to make mothers feel confident in the anticipated season. Not only will mothers learn what to expect during pregnancy, labor, and delivery, but they will also learn infant care, partner roles, pain management, breastfeeding, medical procedures, and child safety. As far as business ideas for nurses are concerned, this is one of the best—and most rewarding. 

#9 Mindfulness Coach  

Mindfulness coaching involves giving personalized attention, instruction, and guidance in meditation and mindfulness practices that can reduce stress and increase feelings of joy or happiness. Advanced practice nurses are qualified to practice and teach mindfulness as part of their coaching competency. They provide services related to lifestyle and behavioral changes that will decrease stress and—ultimately—improve overall health and quality of life. 

#10 Nurse Blogger

Nurse bloggers provide the real scoop on important topics in nursing and health. With nursing as their specialization, they can address a need or fill some gaps in particular issues related to nursing and health care. In addition to their experienced insights, they can create quality content and always exude professionalism in what they write about. Experienced nurse freelancers can make between $30-$100 per hour!

Each of these ten profitable business ideas for nurse entrepreneurs not only provide nurses with extra income, but also expand their skills and knowledge as health professionals. This way, their services in healthcare really go beyond clinical and medical facilities. Through these entrepreneurial ideas, nurses can give personalized health services to anyone, anywhere in the community.

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