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Our 90-Day Business Coaching Programs

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Start the business of your dreams with our step-by-step programs designed to get you up and running in 90 days.  Work with our expert NursePreneurs who are proudly running their own successful businesses in each area that we teach. 

We’re looking for nurse entrepreneurs, nurses who want to start a business and see it soar. If you’re an RN or an LPN and you’ve ever considered venturing out into the business world, but don’t know where to start, these 90-day coaching programs are exactly what you’re looking for. Answering the most fundamental questions like how to become a nurse entrepreneur to serious business advice for making your nursing business more profitable and successful.

If you’re ready and willing, we’re here to help you make your nurse entrepreneur dreams become a reality.

We help nurse entrepreneurs create their perfect business the right way the first time

NursePreneurs is a business by nurses for nurses.  Our NursePreneur Experts have been curated for you to show you step by step exactly how to get your dream business launched and profitable.

Our strategic business + marketing knowledge gives you more leverage, attracts your laser targeted audience,, shortens your sales cycle and positions you as the authority in your niche.

In the last couple years alone, we’ve worked with hundreds of nurses and inspired thousands more globally to invest in their own ideas and passions.  Today, we work with nurses who are ready to leverage their expertise and impact the world with their ideas and innovative solutions.

Catie Harris Nurse Business Coaching

Ways To Work With Us


Our 90 day business programs are designed to get you launched quickly.


Small group intensive coaching for nurses who want to reach the next level,


Marketing strategies for nurses who are ready to launch or scale their business.

Lisa Hedin, RN
Lisa Hedin, RN

“Catie set up my marketing funnel, so when I launched my cannabis certificate program I generated over $30,000 from a one hour webinar! I've never experienced anything like this before..”

Joe Flores, JD, RN
Joe Flores, JD, RN

“Catie said she wanted to help me reach more nurses, but I had no idea we were going to launch a 5-figure webinar! Catie set up everything for me and now I have an evergreen funnel with consistent income”.

Kimble Bradley, MSN, RN
Kimble Bradley, MSN, RN

I've done over $100,000 in webinars with Catie in 2020 alone. I was able to leave my job as a busy OR supervisor and focus on my business and what I love doing

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    way, the first time

    4 Stages To Becoming A NursePreneur Blueprint

    Download this free guide to get an idea of what the journey to starting a business really looks like and how much it’s going to cost!

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    Setting up a nursing business

    Just Starting: Take Our Free 10 Day Email
    Course On Setting The Business Up

    Don’t waste time and money doing things before you’re ready.  Follow up on this 10 day email course that takes you through the steps you need to do first

    Guest Expert NursePreneurs

    Portia generated over $25,000 in one webinar with NursePreneurs and taught nurses how to become top quality content writers.
    Portia Wofford, LPN
    Portia Wofford, LPN
    Content Writing Mastermind
    Shemeka generated over $25,000 for her course in one webinar with NursePreneurs teaching nurses how to start a staffing agency.
    Shemeka Jones, RN
    Shemeka Jones, RN
    Staffing Agency Mastermind
    Shermica's Med Spa program generated over $25,000 to help nurses set up their business the right way with contracts, documents and more.
    Shermica Young, MSN, RN
    Shermica Young, MSN, RN
    Med Spa Mastermind
    Catie Harris NursePreneur Business Coaching

    Want to work with Catie directly?

    Become a paid Authorized NursePreneur Coach to work with our clients or partner with us on a webinar.

    Our Authorized NursePreneur Coaches go through a highly competitive selection process and rigorous training in our methods before being allowed to partner with clients.  This program is offered twice a year to a few successful NursePreneurs who want to help nurses attain their goals.

    For nurses who already have a course or program that can help nurses in a specific business model who want to partner with Catie, learn more about her done for you 5 figure launch services.

    Rosalyn Chachula, LPN
    Rosalyn Chachula, LPN

    “Catie is brilliant. She saw a business in what I was most passionate about and even though I didn’t see it, I followed her advice and was able to launch my business helping women like me.”

    Gail Weatherill, RN
    Gail Weatherill, RN

    “I spent 5 years building a Facebook group of over 50,000 caregivers, but never made any money from it, until I joined NursePreneurs. Since then I’ve written a book, started a documentary and embarked on a road trip for caregivers that I never dreamed possible.”

    Mercedes Thomas, MSN, RN
    Mercedes Thomas, MSN, RN

    “I knew I wanted to start an online program, but didn’t know where to start. I joined NursePreneurs for support and direction. They helped me set up my funnels, redo my website and build my online program from the ground up.”